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Self-publishing with Graham Bird

So, you want to self-publish your manuscript—easy peasy, right? Well, maybe. It all depends on what you want to be when you grow up.


That is the question Graham Bird, asks all his marketing clients. Graham is asking what you want to and why. The answers he says will prevent you wandering in the wilderness of the publication world. Knowing what you want and, more importantly, why will provide a framework in which to proceed and make decisions on all aspects of production, distribution, and marketing easier.


That said be prepared to make changes to your plans along the way. Corrections based on are part of the process.


Before you start ask yourself:


What you need to get started:



The Process:


Infrastructure for Marketing:

Whether or not you wish to self-publish or traditionally publish, you will be responsible, in whole or in part, for selling your book. Or, as Graham says, just because you build it doesn’t mean they will come. Plan on marketing your book yourself unless you have deep pockets.


Assuming you want your book read as broadly as possible, and make some money, the process is a marathon—not a sprint. Pushing the button to publish is only the start.


Resources that are best put in place before publishing:



Note:  Graham started this discussion with the question: Why? Your answer is present in the audiences you identify, the descriptions you provide—both short and long, the keywords you choose, the press releases you write. Your answer is the foundation of your marketing whether to agents/publishers or to readers.





To learn about Marketing, check out his Marketing for Writers presentation on YouTube.


Graham suggests following Nick Stephenson. He says Stephenson is very informative, but he will constantly try to sell you something.


Carol Phillips

NC Writers’ Network Regional Rep, Chatham and Lee Counties