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Congratulations to Stella Fosse (aka Jody Savage) on the publication of her latest book! 


Chapel Hill, North Carolina

September 30, 2021


Baubo Books Announces Publication of

Brilliant Charming Bastard by Stella Fosse

Getting Rich is the Best Revenge


Publication Date:  29th October 2021

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-950227-06-8

Cover Price: $12.99

eBook ISBN: 978-195-0227-07-5

Cover Price $9.99



Stella Fosse leads us on a nerdy, romantic escapade through the San Francisco biotech scene in this smart and sexy new novel.  First Wives Club meets The Witches of Eastwick when three women scientists discover they are dating the same lying dilettante, who is stealing their knowledge as well as their hearts.  Their conclusion:  Getting Rich is the Best Revenge.


Brilliant Charming Bastard features Brendan, a witty bad guy who defends the lies of cheaters everywhere.  He meets his match when a trio of enraged ex-lovers bands together to invent the very thing he failed to create:  a revolutionary method to capture CO2 and generate electricity.


The advent of online dating changed the rules at midlife for a generation of women who spent their teen years waiting by the phone.  But as one of the protagonists says, the choice of men online can resemble “the last afternoon of a yard sale.”   As their new venture blossoms, so do their chances to find real love.


Readers will recognize the challenges the three women encounter as scientists, entrepreneurs and business leaders striving to overcome entrenched biases while nurturing future generations.


The story combines themes of mature women claiming their power with a Happily-Ever-After ending.  Most Romance readers are women in their fifties, though books about women in their thirties are often considered “Seasoned,” or “Senior,” Romance.  Bastard, a book about smart sexy women in their sixties, takes a fresh new look at Women of a Certain Age.




Stella Fosse has been called the “Pied Piper of erotic creativity.”

Her 2019 book, Aphrodite’s Pen, encourages women past midlife to write sexy stories as a creative way to push back on ageism and sexism.  Her 2020 collection, The Erotic Pandemic Ball, tells fantasy tales about the love lives of women in a locked down senior community.


Stella is a California native and biotech professional who lives with her partner in North Carolina.  Brilliant Charming Bastard is Stella’s first novel.




Brilliant Charming Bastard serves up brilliance with charm. You will love the way it celebrates older women’s partnerships, inventiveness, professional acumen, and sexuality… with plot twists galore and non-stop good-natured humor.

—Judith Stanton, author of A Stallion to Die For


Stella Fosse is the voice mature women need right now. Forget Girl Power—she promotes Woman Power, which is ballsier, more refined, and inevitable. How you age is up to you, and if you age like Fosse, you age sexy and empowered and totally in tune with yourself.

—Becky Moore, author of Mine by Design


In Brilliant Charming Bastard Stella Fosse shows us that women standing strong together is not only possible, the outcome ensures no bastard stands a chance.  It’s easy to devour this witty, smart, and sexy feast, whether you are hungry or not.  

Maria Nieto, author of Pig Behind the Bear


Three accomplished women in their sixties discover they are enjoying the best sex of their lives with the same charming liar. Their accounts provide the erotic center of the novel—rare in fiction about women their age. This novel is an upbeat read with a happy ending.

—Ruth O. Saxton, author of The Book of Old Ladies:  Celebrating Women of a Certain Age


Dating and sex can be daunting, especially for real grownups. But Stella Fosse sees us and writes spicy, witty stories that push back on ageism and sexism. Fosse shows us that women standing united is great fun.

—Randi Devilkin, author of The Felix Fiasco



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