Romance: Top Selling Genre

Jody Savage, author of Brilliant Charming Bastard: The Best Revenge is Getting Rich,  introduced us to Romance, the highly structured yet creative, best-selling genre. She emphasized that Romance is about relationships far more than exoticism. The genre is character-driven—in contrast to say thrillers—and always begins with conflicts, both within the main characters and between them. […]

August 20, 1:00 p.m. Writers Morning Out

“Moments in Miniature” with MaxieJane Frazier Please join us to study flash fiction and nonfiction writing by reading from inspiring authors and considering the effect of this abbreviated form. From the power of implication to landing big metaphors, we’ll unpack the hows and whys of flash writing. In the end we’ll respond to a prompt […]

August 13, 1:00 p.m.: Writers Discuss Writing

Please join Carol Philips for a lively and entertaining discussion about all things writing. You are welcome to bring your questions and concerns you have about your own work, about the process of writing, or about the business of writing.    

2022 Guidelines

Writers’ Morning Out will begin accepting submissions for the twelfth annual Ultra-Flash Fiction contest on August 1. The contest will have two divisions: one-syllable and multi-syllable.   Al Manning, the founder of WMO, conceived the one-syllable UFF Contest to encourage writers to proofread. The contest rules also encourage writers to read and follow guidelines when […]

Chapbooks Aren’t Just for Poetry

Amy Sayre Batista, Primitivity (fiction), Judith Stanton, Deer Diaries (poetry), Ralph Earle, The Way the Rain Works (poetry), and Ruth Moose Tea (poetry) talked about chapbooks, saying that putting together their collections made the individual pieces and their work in general stronger.   What is the history of chapbooks? Chapbooks began popular in the 1600s […]

Purple Prose, Throat Clearing and Info Dump–oh my~

  At the April 9, 2022 Slush Pile event, our panel of three editors/agents responded to twelve very interesting entries. Noah Stetzer, a poet and editor at Bull City Press, Tracy Crowe of Tracy Crowe Literary Agency, and Ty Stumpf, a poet, editor, and chair of the English Department at CCCC—all treated us to an […]

“Yellow” by Katelyn Vause

    The color of my childhood was yellow. Pine pollen pooled like spilled paint in puddles, sprinkled across windshields and wide lawns. The heat of the southern sun warmed my skin, clumsily clasped grasshopper legs cut my fingertips between trips to the oak tree, where a number two pencil tracked my misadventures. I scattered […]

“Twin Fawns” by Judith Stanton

  Two fawns barely old enough to graze slip inside the white taped fence from the shelter of the woods, their spots still bright, their mother on patrol.   I look away and sigh at the disorder of my kitchen—last night’s pasta with Italian sausage onions and green peppers took a lot of pots. I […]