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“Yellow” by Katelyn Vause

    The color of my childhood was yellow. Pine pollen pooled like spilled paint in puddles, sprinkled across windshields and wide lawns. The heat of the southern sun warmed my skin, clumsily clasped grasshopper legs cut my fingertips between trips to the oak tree, where a number two pencil tracked my misadventures. I scattered […]

“Twin Fawns” by Judith Stanton

  Two fawns barely old enough to graze slip inside the white taped fence from the shelter of the woods, their spots still bright, their mother on patrol.   I look away and sigh at the disorder of my kitchen—last night’s pasta with Italian sausage onions and green peppers took a lot of pots. I […]

“Come Spring” by Patty Cole

  I saw a Blue Jay fuss a black snake off its gnarled branch this morning. A fox stole away with one of our chickens last night, and in a cardboard box on the kitchen floor Kitty is nursing her babies.   Skull Camp Mountain is bearing again. How the daffodils brighten every open space, […]

“Sonnet 1 ” by Linda Blotzer

  I won’t forget the Red-winged Blackbirds’ song They sing, O Conk-er-ree O Conk-er-ree Return of Spring, they flock one million strong I never heard them here before, you see   I cannot spy them, though, in trees too high They sat on swaying cattails by our lake O Conk-er-ree, O Conk-er-ree, one cries His […]

“Benediction” by A. Kissel

  Wise prophets these old trees, leaves like hands in prayer, shelter to birds and insects, all chirring in plainsong below. They call to every bud, every stone, every blind worm turning earth.   Rivers never wonder; day and night stars simply hide and shine. The winds need no reason for when and where they […]

“Fetch” by E.V. Noechel

  The sour stinging smell of a new tennis ball. Acrid and headachy. Delicate with newborn fuzz. I toss, you retrieve, dog of my dad dead three days now. I trimmed your mats and fed you Campbells soup for lack of dogfood. You sniffed his body, nudged him, maybe howled. When no one came 12 […]

“I Hear Say” by Carol Phillips

  God is angry, I hear say Frogs sit on lilies and cry wah   Winds blowing, seas rising, waters flooding Trees rip, sands shift, homes crumble   Mantle breaking, ground heaving, splitting Walls fall, buildings tumble, dogs sniff death   Mountains rumbling, fiery rock spewing People scramble, sacred cows saved   Eagles fighting, lambs […]

“Memories of You” by Tom Davis

Memories, Like ancient ghosts, Haunt the attic of my mind   Burning kindling’s pungent smell Hovering In crisp fall air   Lovers skating Arm in arm Across frozen pond   White cotton sheets Beneath thick quilts Your body next to mine   Gardenia’s scent Floating On soft spring breeze   Lazy hum of bumble bee […]

“BLUEBERRIES” by Leela Ellis

    A pail full Of dark blue sun Sparkling With dew drops BLUEBERRIES     In the breakfast bowl Tasting Like sunlight In a field of flowers BLUEBERRIES       The darkness of midnight Cherished by Summer sun BLUEBERRIES     Like high school lovers Pridefully declaring their love With purple and crimson […]

“Compost” by Janet Ford

  Black gold, my mother called it, lifting a fistful, letting it crumble from a gloved hand; apple skins, parings lapsed cabbage turned like rags to the riches of land. Everything living will live again.   Water was standing in the garden after rain and she slogged across in her loose galoshes to rake another […]