National Poetry Month

Inspired by Black History month, The Academy of American Poets  worked with a variety of interested parties including teachers, publishers, booksellers, librarians, and of course poets to figure out the many ways poetry could be celebrated.  They concluded April was a great month for the celebration, and on April 1, 1996, President Bill Clinton proclaimed April to be National Poetry Month. 


Following the Academy’s lead, Writers’ Morning Out has posted a poem-a-day during April since WMO’s inception in 2010.

“I Hear Say” by Carol Phillips


God is angry, I hear say
Frogs sit on lilies and cry wah


Winds blowing, seas rising, waters flooding
Trees rip, sands shift, homes crumble


Mantle breaking, ground heaving, splitting
Walls fall, buildings tumble, dogs sniff death


Mountains rumbling, fiery rock spewing
People scramble, sacred cows saved


Eagles fighting, lambs praying
Multitudes flee, inns are full


Trucks plowing, bullets raining
Songs linger, drowned in cries


God is angry, I hear say
Why then do innocents pay