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Vampires are Abroad

Congratulations to Stella Fosse on the publication of her new novel Vampires of a Certain Age. Widely available from independent bookstores (try Bookshop.org for delivery anywhere) and on all electronic platforms. Reviews are always welcome!  

Chapbooks Aren’t Just for Poetry

Amy Sayre Batista, Primitivity (fiction), Judith Stanton, Deer Diaries (poetry), Ralph Earle, The Way the Rain Works (poetry), and Ruth Moose Tea (poetry) talked about chapbooks, saying that putting together their collections made the individual pieces and their work in general stronger.   What is the history of chapbooks? Chapbooks began popular in the 1600s […]

Book Launch: Brilliant Charming Bastard

Congratulations to Stella Fosse (aka Jody Savage) on the publication of her latest book!    Chapel Hill, North Carolina September 30, 2021   Baubo Books Announces Publication of Brilliant Charming Bastard by Stella Fosse Getting Rich is the Best Revenge   Publication Date:  29th October 2021 Paperback ISBN: 978-1-950227-06-8 Cover Price: $12.99 eBook ISBN: 978-195-0227-07-5 […]

Genre: Poetry

Everyone has their own idea about what poetry is—depending on what they’ve been exposed to. And I’m quite happy to leave the subject at that.   “Although poetry is a form of self-expression that knows no bounds, it can be safely divided into three main genres: lyric poetry, narrative poetry and dramatic poetry.”     […]

Genre: Fiction

If creative nonfiction is true stories told well, then perhaps we can define fiction as imaginary stories told well.   Kinds of Fiction Literary fiction Work in which the skillful use of language is paramount, regardless of subject or theme.   Genre fiction Work in which the subject or theme is paramount.   The two […]

Introduction to Literary Genres

One question pops up in discussions about marketing, book proposals, and social media: know your audience. Who are we writing for? Who do we want to read our work? Hiding behind these questions is this: are we providing what our potential readers want?   Genres are a fundamental part of the answer, whether the manuscript […]

Social Media Primer

Writers’ Morning Out May, 15 2021 Panel Discussion on Social Media Summary by Jody Savage   Moderator Carol Phillips convened this panel discussion on the subject of What are social media and “platform” and how are they to build an audience?   The panelists were: Charles Fiori – communications director for the North Carolina Writers […]