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Vampires are Abroad

Congratulations to Stella Fosse on the publication of her new novel Vampires of a Certain Age. Widely available from independent bookstores (try Bookshop.org for delivery anywhere) and on all electronic platforms. Reviews are always welcome!  

Book Launch: Brilliant Charming Bastard

Congratulations to Stella Fosse (aka Jody Savage) on the publication of her latest book!    Chapel Hill, North Carolina September 30, 2021   Baubo Books Announces Publication of Brilliant Charming Bastard by Stella Fosse Getting Rich is the Best Revenge   Publication Date:  29th October 2021 Paperback ISBN: 978-1-950227-06-8 Cover Price: $12.99 eBook ISBN: 978-195-0227-07-5 […]