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Vampires are Abroad

Congratulations to Stella Fosse on the publication of her new novel Vampires of a Certain Age. Widely available from independent bookstores (try Bookshop.org for delivery anywhere) and on all electronic platforms. Reviews are always welcome!  

Congratulations, Kristie!

Kristie L. Williams’ “Watching You Undress Me (A Love Letter To Body Image)” was published in Nostos: the journal of poetry, short fiction, and art

Congratulations, Nancy!

Nancy Willard’s “Alien” was published by Potato Soup Journal. Her “Wherever You Go” won Honorable Mention in the Doris Betts Fiction Contest. Read what the judge said… Nancy Willard’s “Alien” was published by Potato Soup Journal. She also won Doris Betts Fiction Honorable Mention for her short story “Wherever You Go.” The contest Judge, Josephine […]

Congratulations, Pat!

How did the dog become man’s best friend? Celebrated anthropologist Pat Shipman unearths the mysterious origins of the unique partnership that rewrote the history of both species in Our Oldest Companions: The Story of the First Dogs just released Harvard Press.  You can read more about the book and buy it at McIntyre’s Books in Pittsboro […]

Congratulations, Sandra!

Sandra Fischer has released Every Day is Christmas, a book of Christmas stories for everyone – some true, some imagined – and all beautifully illustrated by Becky Guinn. Her illustrations painted with her mechanical hand bring life to the stories. You can order the book on Amazon or directly from Sandra.  Or better yet, if […]

Congratulations, Stella!

Stella Fosse (aka Jody Savage) launched her new book, Brilliant Charming Bastard, on October 29 to rave reviews! Check them out here.  And, pick up your copy at McTyre’s Books in Pittsboro.

Congratulations, Sandra!

Sandra Fisher’s “Fine” won our 2021 One-Syllable Ulta Flash Fiction contest.  To read her story, click on the Ultra Flash Fiction heading, above.

Congratulations Lisa!

“Musings On Perfection Inspired by Jane Austen” by Lisa Baron is included in Jane Austen: An Anthology of Thoughts & Opinions. edited by Arlene Bice.

Congratulations, Pat!

 The Companions: The Story of the First Dog by Pat Shipman has been accepted for publication by Harvard Press.  

Congratulations, Jody!

The Erotic Pandemic Ball by Jody Savage has published under her pen name Stella Fosse.