Nancy Willard’s “Alien” was published by Potato Soup Journal. Her “Wherever You Go” won Honorable Mention in the Doris Betts Fiction Contest. Read what the judge said…

Nancy Willard’s “Alien” was published by Potato Soup Journal.

She also won Doris Betts Fiction Honorable Mention for her short story “Wherever You Go.” The contest Judge, Josephine Humphreys said it is “a powerful story about the need to escape—from grief, from memory, from love—and the gradual realization that escape may be impossible. Moving to a new place will not be the solution. The narrator is ultimately able to extract only minimal compensation, and yet at the same time it is compensation enough, no matter where his place on earth ends up being. A clear streak of honesty runs through this story.” The story was published by the North Carolina Literary Review.

Read more about Nancy under Member of the Month, and on her webpage.

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