Congratulations, Kristie!

Kristie L. Williams’ “Watching You Undress Me (A Love Letter To Body Image)” was published in Nostos: the journal of poetry, short fiction, and art

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Congratulations, Nancy!

Nancy Willard’s “Alien” was published by Potato Soup Journal. Her “Wherever You Go” won Honorable Mention in the Doris Betts Fiction Contest. Read what the

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Latest News

Romance: Top Selling Genre

Jody Savage, author of Brilliant Charming Bastard: The Best Revenge is Getting Rich,  introduced us to Romance, the highly structured yet creative, best-selling genre. She

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What is a Poem?

This is the question Tom Dow asks his students.  He asked again during the March WMO’s lead-up to National Poetry Month. Three poets, Anne Kissel,

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Find the Story in Your Story

In her January 2022, presentation, ‘I ‘vs. ‘Eye’:   Tracy Crow discussed balancing the external with the internal   Most all writing—fiction, nonfiction, poem—combines both the

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WMO Events


Until further notice, all WMO meetings will be held on Zoom.  Zoom links will be sent the day before the event to those on our

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