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Submit Your Slush Pile Entry by October 10, 2023

Writers’ Morning Out is now accepting submissions for the October 14 Slush Pile event.
This meeting is one of the highlights of the Writers’ Morning Out calendar.
The Premise: It is 4 PM on a Friday afternoon, and three editors must triage a pile of unsolicited manuscripts before they can go home for the weekend.
Will yours make the cut? Send us your most engaging first page to find out!
Here is a quick summary of how it works: 
Participants submit one page/three hundred (300) words of prose, whichever is less, or one poem no longer than a page, to Jody Savage at: info [@] writersmorningout [.] org. The deadline for submissions is midnight on Tuesday, October 10. Jody will provide the anonymous submissions to our reader for the event, Steeviejane Parks.
At the October 14 event, the judges will read along silently with Steevie. When all three judges indicate they would reject the manuscript, Steevie will stop reading.
Our terrific judges, Noah Swetzer, Associate Director, Bull City Press, Tracy Crow, Tracy Crow Literary Agency, and Ty Stumpf, Humanities Chair at Central Carolina Community College, are returning to tell us if they would read the second page. And, why! Their analysis is always informative.
Be sure to follow the Guidelines. Your entry will be rejected if the Guidelines are not followed :-((

The Guidelines:

  1. Deadline: Midnight Tuesday, October 10, 2023.

  2. Do not include your name or other identifying information in the manuscript.

  3. Email manuscript as a doc(x) attachment with the subject: Slush Pile (Title of work) to info [@] writersmorningout [.] org

  4. Limit one submission per writer

  5. Submissions should follow standard formatting: One-inch margins, Times Roman, 12 pt. In addition, prose should be double-spaced with the first lines of paragraphs indented a half-inch.

And remember: One page, 300 words, whichever is less.