Purple Prose, Throat Clearing and Info Dump–oh my~

  At the April 9, 2022 Slush Pile event, our panel of three editors/agents responded to twelve very interesting entries. Noah Stetzer, a poet and editor at Bull City Press, Tracy Crowe of Tracy Crowe Literary Agency, and Ty Stumpf, a poet, editor, and chair of the English Department at CCCC—all treated us to an […]

May 21, 1:00 p.m. Writers Morning Out

Chapbooks–Not Just for Poetry While traditionally the purview of poetry, publishers are now publishing prose in chapbooks as well. So what are chapbooks, anyway? Our panelists, including Judith Stanton, Deer Dairies, and Ralph Earle, The Way Rain Works, will not only answer the question, but discuss what goes into creating a chapbook, what you might […]

May 14, 1:00 p.m.: Writers Discuss Writing

Please join us for what always is a lively and entertaining discussion about all things writing. You are welcome to bring your questions and concerns you have about your work, about the process of writing, or about the business of writing.

Why, oh why, was your manuscript rejected?

Last month’s Slush Pile was another inspiring, interesting, and informative session, filled with praise for work well done and suggestions to make work better.   Noah Stetzer (Associate Director, Bull City Press), Tracy Crow (Tracy Crow Literary Agency), and Ty Stumpf (Poet and Humanities Chair, Central Carolina Community College), would have continued to read many […]