Chapbooks Aren’t Just for Poetry

Amy Sayre Batista, Primitivity (fiction), Judith Stanton, Deer Diaries (poetry), Ralph Earle, The Way the Rain Works (poetry), and Ruth Moose Tea (poetry) talked about chapbooks, saying that putting together their collections made the individual pieces and their work in general stronger.   What is the history of chapbooks? Chapbooks began popular in the 1600s […]

July 16, 1:00 p.m. Writers Morning Out

Romance: Top Selling Genre  Romance is the bestselling genre with not only Historical Fiction subgenres but Western, Paranormal, Suspense, LGBT, Young Adult, and many others. Readers are looking for strong plots and good writing.   Jody Savage will introduce us to writing romance by exploring this highly structured yet creative form.   The key to […]

Congratulations, Kristie!

Kristie L. Williams’ “Watching You Undress Me (A Love Letter To Body Image)” was published in Nostos: the journal of poetry, short fiction, and art