National Poetry Month

Inspired by Black History month, The Academy of American Poets  worked with a variety of interested parties including teachers, publishers, booksellers, librarians, and of course poets to figure out the many ways poetry could be celebrated.  They concluded April was a great month for the celebration, and on April 1, 1996, President Bill Clinton proclaimed April to be National Poetry Month. 


Following the Academy’s lead, Writers’ Morning Out has posted a poem-a-day during April since WMO’s inception in 2010.

“In Early March” by Jane Rockwell


There are seven white daffodils below my kitchen window,

a squirrel in the crook of the dogwood tree,

the branches of the cypress wave like floaty fans,

and there’s a war on TV.



Children in bright coats hold their parents’ hands,

cross a broken bridge to a crowd and a train.

They carry dogs and water and plastic shopping bags.

Not so much –